Robert Therrien_GANA ART
Robert Therrien’s art world can be characterized by his unique sensibilities. He strove to unfold a special notion of abstraction in art, whether two or three-dimensional, and his poetic outlook paradoxically transforms objects into excessively small or large shapes. Even though viewers eventually encounter simple abstract shapes in his works, the process of making them was not simple. The simple images were created over time through studying hundreds of symbols and shapes to evolve a personal visual language. Thus, one can’t help but be overwhelmed when visiting his studio. Therrien loved music and literature, was never married, and lived frugally on his own. He was a man of few words, wholeheartedly consumed with the creation of his art. Perhaps this is the reason why we find the warm humanity in his works.
Connect with Everything_Tatsuo Miyajima
The digital LED counters of Tatsuo Miyajima’s practice repeat the number from 9 to 1 in descending order at different speeds - except for 0. In this respect, time, the abstract and immaterial concept shifts into the LED units; they stand for independent presences, and the subtle difference of each countdown speed and photochromic trait plays a crucial role in underlining their individuality. Thus, the physical characteristics of LED efficiently deliver the significant phrase of his philosophy. This exhibition presents the artist’s recent body of works that are experimental fusion between LED and other diverse materials.
Daniel Buren_313 ART PROJECT
Daniel Buren’s oeuvre over a 50-year span represents contemporary art itself. “I don’t believe in the existence of work that has no audience. Only once it is viewed can a work be said to exist,” quoted by Buren himself, he continues to criticize the traditional institutions and leads a movement against art museum works, expressing his dissent to the value of ‘autonomy’ pursued by modern art. Buren is defined by a key element, the vertical stripe of 8.7cm, which overcomes the limited boundary of traditional painting genre and also reconsiders the role of contemporary artists and their production of artworks.The intended role of stripes becomes predominant in his In-Situ works based on site-specific installations. Pursuing art practices outside the established institutions, Buren overcomes the formal limitation of stripes by setting buildings and their surrounding environments as canvas. Buren’s Connect project will showcase the artist’s new body of works.
Videocity Seoul 2023 : Flower Power_Youngjoo Cho, Kwangju Son, Gyonyoung Yoon, Olga Titus, Copa & Sordes, Anouk Sebald
‘Flower Power’ focuses on the small steps to make the world close to Utopia and aims to amplify critical voices. Six works, mainly created by women artists, speak of ‘Utopia’ in their experiences through a strong yet sophisticated message. They guide the viewer to explore the inner and outer perception of self-awareness. Following them, we will be able to think about what we consist of and what we can do now to improve the world. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Andrea Domesle and Gyo Yoon from Videocity.
Brain mapping_Yoon Ha Project
Brain mapping is a collection of memories concentrated on a single topic, producing various colors and forms. Each color and form represent a separate moment within the memory, but when combined, they represent the whole memory experience. The “brain on the map” works engage Yoon Ha Project's analytical and scientific left-brain hemisphere. The project chooses an important or historic spots on Google maps and only draws his painting from the map. Yoon Ha Project describes how symbols on the map are like a human contract, providing a single source of agreement on a symbol’s meaning for different human brains from culturally different backgrounds. Yoon Ha Project takes the symbols on the map as an element for expressing his artistic thinking.
ART ACCENT 2023 : Nostalgic Mansion_Hahyung Kwon, Hansaem Park,Inhye Seo, Geonyul Jang, Wonhae Hwang
ART ACCENT came into being under the auspices of Art Busan as a support program for young artists, aimed at fostering their full creative potential and paving the way toward a more far-reaching conversation on their work. Since the launch of Art Busan in 2012, ART ACCENT has introduced the public to approximately 100 artists over 10 exhibitions. From 2021 onwards, the program has broadened the scope of its connections to encompass not only artists based in Busan but also those with ties to the area.
Dandelion_Nanan Kang
Nanan tactfully unravels the life and history she experienced as a writer under the theme of "Dandelion" in this special exhibition. This large-scale dandelion installation and video work are extended to interactive works that anyone can easily sympathize with and enjoy as an extension of the Gardening Project, which has been the basis of the overall work.
Kim Chong Hak_Cheongkwang Foundation
Unburdened to any object or formative style, Kim Chong Hak is known for his free expression and his seasonal flower paintings. The artist focuses with encountering beauty inherent in nature. KimChong Hak discovers joy in the creeping things, the birds, and the wildflowers. He thrives in their presence, drawing it in, internalizing their image and impressions before returning to the studio to exhale it unto the canvas. Kim reimagines and reinterprets the images based on his affection of nature. Kim Chong Hak began portraying the Seorak Mountain since the 1980s. Seorak Mountain has such distinct seasonal traits that it has nickname for each of the four seasons. It is perhaps natural for the artist to study and portray the colors of each season, considering his life spent in the mountains.
The Trajectory of a mind_Seahee Chang
“Trajectory of a Mind” was produced using computer graphics and digital sound. Immersive art spaces give viewers the opportunity to experience art beyond the visual realm, engaging all the senses and requiring more interaction from the viewers.The work originated from the lack of human honesty and innocence. The artist also continued thinking endlessly why these features are missing within the society. The unintentional truths of society and humanity finally coalesced into the intention behind the process of this piece, and the artist came to think deeply about the infinite aspects of life and love. Various feelings and collision of time has resulted in the final work, and the windows of light symbolizes the door to the heart.
BNK Young Artists_Seoyeon Park, Jo Jae, Suyeon Choi, Hyeseong Lee
BNK Busan Bank and Art Busan have been supporting and encouraging the artistic practice of young artistic talents in Korea by hosting BNK Busan Bank Young Artists Award. Four artists, Seoyeon Park, Jo Jae, Suyeon Choi, Hyeseong Lee, who won the 6th edition of BNK Busan Bank Young Artist Award, are presentingnew body of their works, with the common goal of exploring their formative languages and examining the social consciousness and orientation.
Discover AI Art_The Platform, Trendbird
As AI technology is attracting great attention around the globe and is expected to have agreat impact in the art industry, Art Busan designed a special experience project to raise thevisitors’ familiarity of AI technology.The user experience at an art fair is still limited to viewing and purchasingartworks, regardless of the recent market growth.Visitors can experience additional options of receiving information in an interactive chat mode via ChatDocent service. Moreover, the visitors can experience and create their own work of art using kiosks with AI technology. During the Conversations program, our visitors can learn potential values and future applications of AI technology in the art market
Lobsteropolis in Busan_Philip Colbert
Philip Colbert is often referred to as the successor of Andy Warhol. Based on his unique major in philosophy, Colbert embodies his philosophyand worldview through paintings, sculptures, installations, media, and performances.Colbert has created a global fandom for his cartoon lobster persona and his hyper pop history paintings. His work is defined as a playful pop style, and he powerfullyexplores the patterns of contemporary digital culture and its relationship with a deeperart historical dialogue.
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